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Color: Purple
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Keep bread, pastries, rolls, and other goods fresh and delicious with a stylish roll-top bread box from Berlinger Haus.

If you love keeping fresh-made bread in the house, be it sliced for sandwiches, thick rolls for dinner, or full baguettes for a special occasion, you want a way to keep them tasting great while keeping your kitchen counters more organized. That’s why we created these high-quality, stainless-steel Berlinger Haus Bread Boxes that offer plenty of space for storing bread, cookies, small pastries, and other fresh favorites. More importantly, they add a modern look to your countertops while keeping bags or loose items neatly hidden and organized until you’re ready to use them.

Classic Rolltop Front
One of the most exciting features of this modern bread loaf storage box is the easily accessible rolltop front that lets you pop in or pull out a loaf of bread quickly. It also adds another layer of style to an already beautiful piece to really enhance your modern or farmhouse style kitchen.

Product Details:
All-Purpose Bread Box
Premium Stainless-Steel
Smooth Access Rolltop Design
Sturdy, Well-Crafted Frame
Stain, Rust, and Corrosion Resistant
Easy to Keep Clean and Maintain
Compliments Kitchen Appliances
Dimensions: 15” x 11” x 7.25”

Get these elegant bread storage box from Berlinger Haus by clicking Add to Cart above and keep your bread fresh and counters neater and more organized today.

Stainless Steel

Key Features
Modern Metallic Color
Easy To Open and Close
Premium Quality
Stainless Steel
Eco Friendly
Elegant Design
•Classic Rolltop Bread Box – Perfect for French, Italian, sliced, banana, or homemade loaves of bread this bread storage box features a simple rolltop front that’s stylish, fun, and easy to open and close.
•Elegant Stainless-Steel Craftsmanship – This loaf bread box is crafted with premium quality steel that’s rust and corrosion resistant. It also matches your other kitchen appliance or countertop decor perfectly.
•Stylish, Compact Space Saving Design – At 15” x 11” x 7.25” this large bread box fits most kitchen countertops and spaces easily, so you can easily slide it into the corner next to your toaster or herb and spices rack.
•Spacious Interior with Natural Ventilation – Our loaf bread box can hold traditional sliced sandwich, short French baguettes, and more thanks to a roomier storage capacity. It also has venting holds to improve bread freshness.
•Trusted Berlinger Haus Quality – Like our other housewares and kitchen items our bread box is made with high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship to ensure a long-lasting design that fits your home and your kitchen for years to come.

Item Details

  • Large bread box 15” x 11” x 7.25”

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