32 oz. Michelada Cocktail Mix by Collins

32 oz. Michelada Cocktail Mix by Collins: 32 oz. Michelada Cocktail Mix by Collins
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Make the perfect beer cocktail every time with Collins Michelada Mix.

Micheladas are a huge drink trend. They have all the appeal of a regular bloody mary, but are more refreshing and it’s easier to drink more of them since they’re beer based.

Collins Michelada Mix combines tomato, Worcestershire sauce, tamarind, real lime juice, chili pepper, and other flavorful spices so all you have to do is add beer, serve over ice and enjoy. Micheladas are the ideal summer drink and make a great hangover relief.

Spice up your next tailgate, brunch, or backyard barbecue. We recommend using this michelada mix with some Mexican lagers or craft pilsners.

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